Booster Club

In March 2013 the official Robins Adapted Athletics Booster Club Inc. was formed as a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds to support the Robins P.I. Adapted Athletics teams. All donations are tax deductible (receipts available upon request).

  • Board President: Curt O’Donnell
  • Vice-President: Erin Tesch
  • Treasurer: Patty Neuville
  • Secretary:  Melissa Onsum (non-voting)
  • At-Large Members: Rachel Klein(Past Treasurer), Ashley Bailey (alumni), Jesse Klein (alumni)
  • Members: All current Robins Adapted PI Athletics players and parents/guardians.

If you are interested in being a board member of the booster club, please email or contact one of the current board members.



2017 Lloyd Olson Adapted Softball Invitational: Fri 4/28 & Sat 4/29 @ Cooper H.S.



02-22-2017 (PDF)

09-21-2016 (PDF)