The Robins P.I. Adapted Athletics teams rely on support of our fans, families, friends and alumni to help fund the teams ongoing needs. We greatly appreciate donations of any amount! Our booster club is a registered non-profit organization (tax deductible). If you or your business/organization would like to hear more about our program, we can have a booster club member speak with you or visit your business to discuss how you can support the team!


Some examples of items/needs we fund raise for:

  • Equipment (Helmets, Sticks, Balls, Pucks, Pads, Bats, Goals, Tape, Gloves, etc.)
  • Uniforms (Jerseys, Pants, Shorts, Socks)
  • Tournament Expenses (Buses, Hotel Accommodations, Team Meals)
  • Player¬†Awards
  • Player Registration Fee Scholarships (For low income or families facing financial hardships)
  • Team Managers / Special Assistant Stipends
  • Video / Photo Equipment to develop promotional content