Our rules are adapted from the rules used in high school soccer, floor hockey and slow pitch softball. These rules are adapted to make the game playable by students with various forms of physical impairments. For example, in adapted soccer and floor hockey running is not allowed. Players must keep one foot on the floor at all times, players may speed walk or slide/shuffle their feet while moving to keep one base of support at all times. In adapted softball, players are not required to catch/secure the ball in their hands for it to be called out on a fly ball. Also in softball, athletes using wheelchairs are allowed to have a runner to first base and then use shorter bases. In all P.I. adapted athletics, teams must field two wheelchair players at all times. The games rules have evolved over the years and rule changes are considered when proposed by coaches to the MSHSL Adapted Athletics Advisory Committee.

To read the league rules, visit the Minnesota State High School League Web Site for a copy of the rules or more information about the adapted athletics program.